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How to Conquer Monthly Phone Bills

Most of us have smartphones. In today’s world, its almost a necessity to have one. But how do you deal with paying on time each month, especially if you are like me and don’t have a steady job at the moment. Well this is how I conquered my $40 a month

Before I was allowed to get my first smartphone I had to figure out ways to pay for the monthly bill. As a teenager with no steady job at the time, I had to do odd jobs around the house and yard work for elderly neighbors. All of that is fine and dandy, except for the fact that yard work is very labor intensive so I could only work a few hours at a time. The weather was also a factor. If it was very humid I would only work an hour or even less. If it rained I had to cancel and find another day. And lets not forget about snow…

So how did I manage to beat the phone bill crisis? I started planning ahead. When nice days and weeks rolled around I would start making phone calls to my clients and setting up dates and times for me to work. I would make sure I had those weeks with nice weather jam packed with work. This helped me so much that then when bad weather rolled around, I could easily take a break without worrying about my phone bill hanging over my shoulders. But it doesn’t stop there. After I had worked that week I would take the total about of money I had and pay for multiple phone bills at once, meaning I put that money away and labeled it as phone bill money.

You may be asking yourself, ” I would be so tempted to spend the money instead of saving it”, but I wasn’t tempted to spend it because I considered it already spent. Doing this technique has helped my pay months in advance and has kept me sane during college when I don’t have a job. Try it out and let me know if it has helped you! Have a wonderful day and go out there and save!

P.S. For those wondering, I will post about how I started doing yard work around my neighborhood. It is a great job and I love it!



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