Craft Fairs 101

So while I have an online storefront via etsy, I still like to get out and sell directly to the people.  There are many steps to preparing, finding, and succeeding with a craft fair. Today’s blog post will go over all of this from top to bottom so that you as a reader will be prepared!

Ok so lets start at the beginning. The first step is to find a craft fair. Simple right? Not so much.  For me personally I start out by heading to a site called .  This site lets you pick your state that you reside in so you can find local fairs or ones out of town.  The next page shows craft fairs by date, city, and name of event.

From there pick a show that looks like a best fit for you and your crafts. I usually google a few fairs I find on here to see crowd rates and what all is there. I try to look for ones with food, rides, and vendors as people usually stay longer when there is more than just shopping.  Once I narrow it down to two or three I then check out prices. Lastly I pick one and get all signed up!

From here I take into account what pieces I have and my inventory. You want a good variety to offer customers as not everyone has the same style, at least in my case when selling jewelry.  When I go to craft fairs to shop (not sell) I lean more towards the stands brimming with items that I have to take time to sift through. I hate when a stand looks bare and already picked through. One of the most successful things to do at a craft fair is to always keep your booth filled. Save items to put in after you sell a few so it looks not picked through.

You might be thinking but won’t having blank spaces seem like I sold a lot and entice people?  It will come off more as unprepared and lack of inventory then selling a lot. So rule one is to keep the table stocked.

To succeed at a craft fair you want to be friendly but not pushy. The key is to be friendly but not seem like you are too pushy with your products. Say hey maybe do a tad of small talk but let your items do the main speaking. These are all the tips I have for you guys at the moment and hope that this helps your next craft fair!

Thanks for staying tuned! ~Justine




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